Abu Dhabi travel can be enjoyed by you, if you have planned well and early. Abu Dhabi travel need not be planned for a certain period of time as the country can be visited at any time of the year. Abu Dhabi welcomes you with popular attractions and seasonal activities that suit to every one’s interest and taste. Enjoy the sunshine along with sandy beaches and surfing is popular for the whole year, but tourists are advised to avoid the sun at noon time as the temperature will be at a higher level. A series of activities are available indoors on hottest days and all the facilities are air conditioned.

To enjoy the desert adventures such as desert safari and dune bashing, it is better to choose winter months that have milder weather. Some of the major sand dunes of the world are in Al Ain and you can also find oasis in Liwa which are worth visiting throughout the year. You can also enjoy shopping and cultural activities in Abu Dhabi. Regular business hours of Abu Dhabi are 8.00-17.00 hrs from Saturday- Wednesday and most of the offices are closed on Thursday and Friday. Shopping can be done between 8.00 and 13.00, then the shops will be closed for few hours and again from 16.00-12.00 it is possible to do shopping in Abu Dhabi.

Throughout the day almost all the departmental stores and shops are open, but on Thursday morning shops will be open and closed during Thursday afternoons and whole of Friday. If you are required to have a counter service from post offices and banks, then you have to plan well before as they are open only for few hours daily. Post Offices and banks only from 8.00-13.00 throughout Saturday- Thursday.

UAE is recognized as the safest tourist destination of the world. So there are very rare occasions of crimes in Abu Dhabi. In case of any crime found in which a tourist is involved, heavy penalties have to be paid. Stealing is common and it is better to take care of the valuable such as passport, bags and money, wallet and personal items. Abu Dhabi police is friendly and are willing to assist the tourists. In case of any theft, it is also important to report such incidents to the hotel also as they can assist you to communicate with the police.

Women should not travel without a male as lonely woman will attract the attention of others. Even though this attention will bother you very much, but normally it is harmless. It is better to dress in loose fitting clothes and hire a taxi arranged by your hotel. Abu Dhabi travel will be an exciting one, when you use a taxi provided by your hotel as the drivers are professionals. If you are having food outside the shopping centers or Abu Dhabi hotels you have to search for ‘Family Rooms’ where women can dine. Women without a companion should also avoid public beaches, but can enjoy the warmth of the private beaches of the hotels.


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