Aruba vacation can be enjoyed by tourists with its beautiful beaches, desert landscapes, rock formations, scuba diving and casinos. The Aruban people are friendly and welcoming people. Travelers will get accommodations of all styles and budgets. Aruba is blessed with some natural wonders such as rugged seashores, sunken reefs and caves. Aruba always has a favorable weather, but the peak tourist season is from January to March as carnival occurs all around the Caribbean during this season. The rates of the accommodation will rise during the peak season. You have to book months before to get an accommodation that provides a beach view.

Aruba can also be visited during offseason which is from April to December. Some travelers prefer offseason Aruba travel as the accommodations are available at reduced rates of about 20-50%. Most of the travelers are from South America and Europe. During offseason only a small number of tour operators operate tours. Hotels prefer offseason to reconstruct and renovate their facilities. You should learn some facts about the country before going in to the country. Crime is not much in Aruba and Aruba travel is tension-free, but travelers are recommended to exercise cautions on valuables. Rental mobile phones are available and in tourist destinations, internet cafes are available.

Tourists above 18 years old do not require paying customs duty on one liter alcohol, gift items with a value of f100 and 50 cigars or 200 cigarettes. Customs clearance is required for goods that exceed the value of f500 per person. No specific vaccinations are required for travelers coming to Aruba, but tourists from countries infected with yellow fever aged more than 6 months should require immunization certificate. Dengue fever outbreaks are occasional in Aruba, so it is recommended to use insect repellent. Aruba provides good medical facilities that have only one hospital.

Depending on the insurance, the services for the patients are classified in to three. Health insurance is required for the travelers. Bar, room service and restaurant bills are added with 10-15% tip or else you have to give tips for the service that ranges from 10 to 20 percent. Hotel bills are coming with room tax of 11% and the tip for the taxis is about 15%. Porters would like to have US$1 as tip per baggage. The airport of Aruba is Reina Beatrix Airport and those who are in search of cheaper airline tickets should change planes for several times before reaching the country.

During the time of stay, the tourists should have a valid passport with them. You have to provide the nationality proof at the time of check in for Aruba flight. Florin is the currency of Aruba, but US dollars are acceptable even for traveling in taxis. Currency exchange is provided by some larger hotels in Aruba. Travelers can rent bicycles, scooters and jeeps for traveling in and around Aruba. Common rates are for taxis recognized by the Aruban government. Duty-free shopping is offered by Aruba and the main shopping area is at Seaport Village. Stores are open from 8am-6pm and two hour lunch break will be taken from 12pm-2pm.


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