Croatia is a Mediterranean country located in Central Europe that has borders with Slovania in the West, Hungary in the North, Serbia in the East, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the South. The country which has a land area of 56,691 sq km and a coastline of about 5,835 km has a population of 4.4 million. Though Croatia has more than 1,185 islands, only about 50 islands are populated. The largest island is Krk which has a land area of about 462 km.

The area along the Adriatic coast of Croatia enjoys a beautiful Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and mild winters. The interior area of the country is typically continental with hot summers and cold winters, with snow occurring in quite a few places. Many people undertake Croatia travel during the prime season of July and August when it is rather expensive. Travel to Croatia is quite affordable during the months from April to October.

When you are planning Croatia travel, you may consider staying in hotels, but top class hotels are quite expensive and so you may consider staying in 'sobe' or private rooms which are quite popular in Croatia. When you are in Croatia, you could opt from a number of various tours that take you around the different areas of the country.

Take a look at the important cities of Croatia and you will come to realize the magnificence of the culture, heritage, and traditions of the country.

* Zagreb is the capital of the country and it is located on the river Sava. It is a city with a population of about 800,000 and you will find that the charming and beautiful city reminds you of the European countries of Vienna and Budapest. You will discover that you have a number of important places to see and discover. Some of the finest monuments are the Cathedral, St. Marks Church, the Croatian National Theater, Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Museum.

* Dubrovnik has been called the jewel of Croatia and for good reason too. It is a well-preserved ancient city with 13th century walls and overlooks the Adriatic Sea. The number of ancient monuments to be found here has made this a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the places worth seeing here are the Cathedral, St. Blaise’s Church, and the Maritime Museum. See if you can time your Croatia travel between July and August and you will get to see the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

* The City of Split was believed to have been founded in the 3rd century AD. You can see the ancient imposing walls of the Diocletian’s Palace which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments and the Mestrovic Gallery are important places to be seen here.

* Istria which is located on the Croatian coast is an important tourist destination. The chief port of Croatia, Pula, is located in this region. Take some time off to see the places of interest in this region: the Arena, which is an amphitheater of the olden days, Brijuni National Park which is an archipelago of 14 beautiful islands, and the famous resort town of Porec which is located close to Istria. If you believe in nudism visit Koversada where you will find Europe’s largest nudist resort which is located close to Istria.

* Other important towns deserving mention are Kvarner and Zadar.

And, while you are in Croatia you should definitely try the traditional gastronomic specialties of the region. Taste the Slovanian cuisine famous for its meat specialties such as Kulen smoked sausages, Kobasica sausages, smoked ham, venison, and freshwater fish. These cuisines should be accompanied by the local wine Weissburgunder, Traminer, and Riesling.

Do take a moment to plan your Croatia travel as Croatia awaits your arrival..


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