Dominican Republic travel is an exciting and entertaining one for the traveler as it is geographically diverse with tropical rainforests, alpine ranges, deserts and mangrove swamps. Dominican Republic travel enables the tourists to discover white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and lush valleys of mountains, colonial architecture, tall mountains and friendly people. The nature gifted the country with so many attractions that provides the tourists to enjoy mountain biking, trekking, water sports, outdoor activities and eco-tourism. Dominican Republic travel is possible at any time of the year as the country is warm and sunny throughout the year.

The busiest time of tourism is normally from December to April as most of the Europeans and North Americans are visiting the country during this period. These people are coming to enjoy the warm tropical climate in order to avoid the cold in their countries. Another busiest season is during summer which is from June to September and again Europeans are the majority during this season also. The rates of accommodation will slightly more during busier months, but cost on other things like sport activities, excursions and food remains the same throughout the year.

You can reach Dominican Republic from almost all of the major cities of the world and seven international airports are there in Dominican Republic. Tourists can also enjoy Dominican Republic travel through ferries from Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and Mayaguez to Dominican Republic. Tourists can also travel from Haiti to Dominican Republic through road transport, but you cannot use the rental vehicles to cross border between two countries. Travelers should have a passport with Visa or Tourist Card, but there are exceptions as the requirements for the citizens from certain countries will change periodically. Six month valid passport is mandatory for travelers except for the citizens of countries such as Canada, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but they should have a National Identity card and tourist cards.

Drug trafficking is strictly illegal and the country strictly enforces these laws. Baggage will be examined closely and if found any possession of drug, then you have to pay penalties which are not small amounts. Due to the warm climate of the country, it is better to bring lightweight shorts, sandals, bathing suits, light pants, jackets and tank tops. National currency of Dominican Republic is peso and US dollars can be easily exchanged in to pesos. Most of the hotels show their prices in Pesos as well as in US dollars, but would like to get paid with US dollars. Euro is also accepted in some of the tourist destinations like Las Galleras and Las Terrenas.

Larger hotels and resorts will accept travelerís check as well as the major credit cards. You can also find ATMís in major towns and cities. Banks are open from Monday-Friday, 8.30am Ė 4.00pm. Dominican Republic has an effective and up-to-date communication system. At present, no vaccinations are needed before entering in to the country. But it is better to purchase travel medical insurance before going to the country. Upfront payments are required for most of the hospitals and doctors and the facilities cost thousands of dollars. So it is better to have a medical insurance.


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