Greece travel offers great variety of experiences, activities and geographical locations to the travelers. Greece has the world’s most gorgeous beaches that attract the tourists from all over the world. The rich culture, traditions, stone-built villages and historical locations makes the country even more attractive to the tourists. Greece is considered as the birthplace of western civilization, philosophy, democracy, Olympic Games, drama that includes comedy and tragedy and arts. Greece travel is suitable for people from all walk of life and the tourists can find tour packages and accommodations that suits to the taste and budget of all kind of travelers.

The peak tourist season of Greece is from June to August. If you are not interested to visit Greece with crowds or in summer, then Greece travel is better during the months of May, June or September. During winter also travelers are flocking in to the country to enjoy skiing at Mountain Pelion, Mountain Parnassos or Mountain Metsovo. If you would like to visit Greece during offseason to reduce airfares, accommodation prices and food prices, then you must visit the country from October to May. Hospitality of Greece welcomes you everywhere and you should visit the famous Acropolis and Athens.

While planning a travel to Greece, you should remember certain things and plan accordingly. General strikes of 24 hours will be there in the country regularly that affects the public services, pharmacists and transportation most probably with a short notice. It is better to avoid public gatherings as they may turn violent. Petty crimes such as purse snatching pick pocketing, theft of luggage and muggings happens in public transport and tourist areas. Always remain alert and never walk through streets of Omonia or Monastiraki or railway station of Peloponissos and Larissa. Avoid parks, restaurants, down-market bars and lonely areas after dark.

Women should be alert and never take rides from unknown persons or acquaintances as sexual assaults may occur, especially in islands. The travelers should take care of their travel documents such as passports, driving license and valuables. Call 112, which is an emergency number for calling fire, ambulance, coast guard and police. This service is available 24 hours for the tourists in French and English. Military sensitive areas should be avoided. Travel documents are required to enter and exit the country. Medical facilities are available everywhere, but the service is good in mainland than in islands. In case of any major illness or accident, mainland hospital is always better to get good treatment facilities.

Drug trafficking attracts heavy penalties and long term jail sentences. Intoxicated driving is an offense in Greece. Strict custom rules have to be followed to export archaeological pieces and antiquities. Photographs of military personnel and installations should not be taken. Foreigners should carry their identification all the times. The accident rate of the country is the highest among the European Union because of the difficult terrain, heavy traffic, aggressive drivers and poor standards of driving. Travelers should have insurance coverage and helmet is must while traveling on two wheelers. Regional ferries and buses can be used to travel, but it is recommended to use reputable ferry and bus operators because of the poor safety standards.


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