Mauritius is the paradise of tourists where the tourists can find several destination including beaches, historical sites, beauty of the nature and cultural diversity. Mauritius enjoys warm climate and the temperature varies from 22º Celsius to 34º Celsius. New Year and Christmas season is the most popular season among the travelers to visit Mauritius. Mauritius travel will be a great experience for the tourists with cheap and regular bus service in and around the island. Tourists can also rent scooters, bicycles and cars for traveling to different tourist destinations in Mauritius. For longer trips, you can hire helicopters for easy Mauritius travel.

Air Mauritius is providing services to Rodrigues Island as well as to neighboring islands. The major airport of Mauritius is the Mauritius Airport commonly known as Plaisance Airport located in Port Louis. You should have passport valid up to 6 months after leaving your country. Tourist should keep valid documents and tickets throughout Mauritius travel including staying at Mauritius. Tourist should confirm the booking of hotels or resorts in Mauritius. Petty crimes like bag snatching, theft and pick pocketing are there in the island. Pickpockets are mainly seen in Port Louis’ central market area. While going out of your hotel, you should ensure that the personal belongings and bags are safe especially in Flic en Flac, Grand Baie and crowded market areas.

Mariners have to take necessary preventions against armed robbery and pirate attacks. Any kind of incidents can be reported to the Mauritius Police du Tourisme by calling the hotline number of 213 2818 which is available anywhere from the island. Severe penalties are there for drug trafficking. Precautions should to be taken while swimming and you should swim within the marked areas for swimming. It is up to the country to determine that who should allow in to the country. Every country has its own requirements to allow the persons to live in the country to an extended time which is normally over 90 days.

The season of cyclone starts from November – May. Before going to Mauritius, it is better to take medical and travel insurance. During Mauritius travel, you have to be careful in driving at night because the unlit motorcyclists and pedestrians pose serious hazards. You can carry common drugs of medicinal use for personal use, but should carry the valid prescriptions for the medicines and the drugs should be purchase from a legally approved pharmacy. Authorization is required to carry scheduled drugs like tranquilizers, hypnotics, narcotics and pain killers.

It is necessary to carry the photocopies of your passport, driving license and visa while going around the island and securely keep the originals of the documents. Mauritius does not support homosexuality. Private healthcare of Mauritius is good enough, but will be a costly affair if you don’t have health insurance. Chikungunya occurs periodically in the island, especially in warmer months. If you are coming from a region where Malaria occur, then you have to give your blood sample to the officer from Ministry of Health as there are no mosquitoes that causes malaria in Mauritius.


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