Seychelles travel will provide the traveler an enjoying and relaxing holiday as the Seychelles is blessed with beautiful things of nature. The major attraction of Seychelles is the beaches with turquoise waters and warm weather all around. Seychelles have a well developed tourism sector that provides the traveler a relaxing and carefree Seychelles travel. The favorite tourist spots in Seychelles are the islands of Praslin, La Digue and Mahe. Boating, fishing and scuba diving are the popular sports here. Before going to Seychelles, the travelers should know certain basics of Seychelles travel so that to avoid any kind of difficulties during holidays.

First time visitors should confirm the booking of a luxury Seychelels hotel in advance so that they do not have to wander around in search of a good hotel to stay. A variety of resorts and hotels are available in Seychelles to stay. Before leaving to Seychelles, you should make sure that you have a valid passport. Visa will be issued after reaching Seychelles and keep in mind that the medical facilities are limited in Seychelles as there is only one government hospital. Many private clinics are there at Seychelles. An ambulance service is available at Praslin, Mahe and La Digue which is operated by the Seychelles Ministry of Health.

In case of any emergency or medical assistance required, you have to dial 999. No vaccination is needed because Seychelles do not have any dangerous diseases like malaria, SARS and other tropical illness. Authorities advise people to take precautions for mosquito bites in order to avoid dengue fever and leptospirosis. Bottled water can be purchased from Seychelles as it is available anywhere. Violent crimes on the tourists are rarely reported, but petty crime happens. It is always better to lock the windows of the hotel during night even if you are inside the room.

Travelers should ensure their own safety by following the laws of that country. Avoid street demonstrations, political rallies and crowds. Never leave the luggage unattended and never receive any kind of packages from an unknown person. When you have to exchange money and would like to purchase antiques or art from the country, you should only deal with authorized persons. Travelers should use the foreign currency to make payments for stay or other expenses like car or boat hiring, tour operator services and playing at casinos. Credit cards are accepted in Seychelles and local currency can be used to pay payments like restaurants situated outside your accommodation, taxi fares and shopping.

It is better not to walk around the backstreet area and certain beaches at night. Buses are the local transport available at the main islands and taxis can be hired for one day. Boats and bicycles can also be taken for rent. Domestic flights have regular services between the three main islands and helicopter services are also available. You can also charter a flight to visit other islands of Seychelles. The tourists should not go out of Seychelles with over 2,000 Seychelles rupees without any authorization.


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